April 18, 2016

DraftKings Promo Code

DraftKings Promo Code

Searching for a DraftKings promo code?

We've got you covered! Our promo code is current and up to date for 2017. Click on the link below to go straight to the sign up page of the DraftKings website, our promotion code is pre-applied so you will be automatically eligible for the 2017promotion. This is our exclusive DraftKings promotion code for free entry to your first contest, and it's guaranteed to work! DraftKings has recently changed the way that their promo codes work. There are no longer physical promotion codes, you just click through a link like the one below and you are qualified for the free entry promotion. It's now easier than ever to start playing at DraftKings!

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About the DraftKings Promotion Code


Why use our Draft Kings promotion code when you sign up to play at DraftKings? Because we offer a current promo code that is guaranteed to work in the US, Canada and United Kingdom. We also regularly check all of our promotions for any updates. We have the latest, best and highest paying promotion codes available for new players! Daily Fantasy Sports are growing rapidly, get in on the action! DraftKings offers a ton of awesome features that make it a great place to play Daily Fantasy Sports:

  • Giant Cash Prizes
  • Tons of 20/50's
  • In game player experience is incredible
  • Mobile app is very well designed and easy to use
  • Lots of great contests for beginners, including 20/20's
  • Freerolls!


Still have questions? Check out some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about DraftKings.

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DraftKings Promo Code for App

Beginning in August, you will be able to use our DraftKings promo code for the DraftKings IOS and Android apps. In the past, players had to sign up for DraftKings online to become eligible for promo codes. Now you can use our DraftKings app promo code to qualify for promotions directly in the mobile app!

How to enter the promo code

Entering the promotion code is simple, just click through any of our DraftKings links and you will be qualified for the applicable promotion when you sign up to play. DraftKings used to offer custom promotion codes, but decided to get rid of all physical codes and replace them with affiliate links.

What are FFP's at DraftKings?

DraftKings still uses FFP's to reward fantasy players. You unlock these points by playing contests at DraftKings, and you can use them in the DraftKings VIP store to get free contest entry and cool merchandise.

Can I get a refund if I decide I don't want to play anymore?

DraftKigns has a very reliable refund policy. You can get back your money back by heading to the "My Account" page and clicking "Withdrawal". From there, just fill out the form and submit it with your request. If you have any further questions, their customer service is awesome and easy to communicate with.



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