How to Enter a DraftKing Promo Code

There is a lot of uncertainty out there about how to enter your DraftKings promo code once you have found it. Because the promotion has changed over time, the way you enter a promo code has also changed. When DraftKings initially began offering a promotion code for new users, you were eligible for free entry to your first contest and a deposit bonus when you signed up.

As of March 2016, they no longer offer a deposit bonus for new users but the free entry promo code still exists. If you have a current DraftKings promo code for free entry to a match, this is the best possible coupon that you can get. However, DraftKings changed the way that this promo code is applied in March 2016. Originally, you could manually enter a promotion code on the sign up screen when you first applied to play at DraftKings. Now, DraftKings has done away with any manual entry, and you can simply click through a promotion code link to get access to the promo code. For example, when you use our BonusKings promo code you will be taken to the DraftKings website. The page will look like this:

how to enter draftkings promo code


All you need to do is click on the “claim free entry” link and you will get instant access to a free $3 entry to your first contest. This removes all of the confusion that came with manual entry, and makes signing up for DraftKings with a coupon a more streamlined process. This makes the signup process even easier for new DraftKings users, and should have a measurable impact on the companies bottom line. We recommend using our promo code because it is the latest offer, check out our current DraftKings promo code page today to apply!




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