FanDuel vs. DraftKings Review

FanDuel Review

FanDuel Review

FanDuel Promotions for 2016

FanDuel has been busy promoting their DFS platform the past few years. It's been on ESPN, Mike and Mike, Sirus XM and various radio shows like "105.3 The Fan" and "670 The Score".  Celebrities like Adam Carolla, Lex and Terry, and Jim Rome have advertised the personal promo codes via Social Media. We are going to shed some light on the current promotions at FanDuel, and how you can use a code to play in NFL, NBA, MLB and other leagues.

FanDuel and DraftKings have very similar promotions. FanDuel offers a 100% bonus on your initial deposit of up to $200. This amount goes into a pending bonus account, which can be unlocked by racking up entry fees. Essentially, 4% of each entry fee you pay goes towards unlocking an equivalent amount of your pending bonus. Bonuses can potentially be removed 45 days after they are granted if they remain unearned. 





FanDuel Leagues and Payouts

For the most part, the leagues offered at FanDuel are similar to those offered at DraftKings. There are a few exceptions, like the fact that FanDuel doesn't offer PGA, Soccer, MMA or Nascar leauges. One of the benefits of the FanDuel platform comes in the NFL leave category, where weeklong competitions with salary caps make competitions feel very realistic. The payouts at FanDuel are huge, though they don't quite reach the sky high level of payouts at DraftKings.

DraftKings Review

DraftKings Review

DraftKings Promotions

You've probable heard the buzz about DraftKings promo codes by now. They've been advertised on ESPN, Mike and Mike, Sirius XM, and the Radio. You've also probably heard of celebrities like Adam Corolla and Dan Patrick advertising their codes via social media. With all of these promo codes out there people want to make sure they have the latest, best promo code for the best DFS platform before they get started today. Here's a little clarity on DraftKings promotions: and FYI, there are various promotions for different sports and contests (MLB, NFL, Golf, Soccer, NBA etc) but we're going to stick to the broader new player promotions available to players in the US, Canada and the UK.


As of April 2016, DraftKings no longer advertises a 100% cash bonus. Instead, they currently offer free entry to your first contest. This is one of the best promotions for new DFS players, and the highest current offer at DraftKings. Even though DraftKings no longer advertises the cash bonus, they do allow you to earn Fantasy Player Points (FPP's) by entering contests, which can be applied towards future contest entry fees. At the end of the day, these FFP's are unlocked at the same 4% rate as FanDuel, just advertised in a different manner.

DraftKings Leagues and Payouts

DraftKings really excels in both of these categories. They have payed out enormous amounts of cash to player, and are expected to total over $1 Billion of payouts in 2016. DraftKings really goes big on incentives during the NFL season, literally making people millionaires with the Millionaire Maker tournament. DraftKings also offers contests in a few sports not offered on FanDuel, like MMA, Golf, NASCAR and Soccer. There are tons of different contest types to play in at DraftKings, including head to head, 50/50's, Step Tournaments, Rake, and Beginners. They really have a huge selection, and their community of players is constantly expanding. We like the contests at DraftKings because the offer a large amount of high stakes games, and these games tend to have lower rakes than other platforms.

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