How to Unlock Your DraftKings Bonus

Draft Kings is one of the most popular Daily Fantasy Sports platforms available. They offer a huge cash bonus when you sign up with a DraftKings promo code, and they have a great track record of following through on this promotion.  There are, however, some potentially confusing details with regards to this sign up bonus and when you will receive the funds.  DraftKings current promotion will match up to $600 of your initial deposit, but it is not quite as simple as depositing $600 and seeing another $600 automatically added to your funds. When you initially create your account, you are taken to a page where you can make your initial deposit – the amount you deposit here determines what your sign on bonus is.


 draft kings welcome bonus promotion


DraftKings will match any amount up to $600, and this amount will be added to your “pending bonus”. You can unlock this pending bonus by earning Frequent Player Points (FPPs), which are given to you each time you enter a contest with a entry fee. The formula is simple, for every 100 FPPs you earn, you unlock $1 of the pending bonus you have available to you. From a cost efficiency perspective, we recommend entering the contests with the highest FPPs available to you at the lowest cost, thus unlocking your pending bonus at the lowest cost to you. This means avoiding the freerolls, which do not give you an FFPs. You also do not unlock very many FPPs for playing the contests with extremely low entry fees, so try and avoid those.

To find out how many FPPs are available for a contest, click on the name of the contest and a pop up will display the contest details.  At the top of this pop up there is a line with the title, the line directly underneath the title displays a list of figures. There is an entry cost, prize amount, current number of entries and FPP figure. The FPP figure is in the bottom right corner of this line.


FPPs for DraftKings

One last important factor to remember is that your cash bonus will expire 4 months after you register for DraftKings.  This period of time can elapse quickly, so keep in mind that you have a shot clock for unlocking the pending bonus.


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  • I’m brand new to fantasy sports and I thought I was getting $100 promo doubling my $100 deposit. This was not a good start and I’m really wishing I had just avoided Draft Kings or Fan Duel. Really disappointed and now very skeptical and wondering what will be next …. just like the crooked and USA banned poker websites. A sucker is born every minute but … fool me once shame on you … there won’t be a fool me twice shame on me.

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