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MMA is hands down one of the coolest sports you can play in at DraftKings. The sport itself is incredible entertaining. A common theme in professional sports these days is to minimize risk of injuries to avoid lawsuits, but MMA has stayed true to it’s violent roots. We appreciate that, and it makes the sport all the more fun to compete in via daily fantasy sports. Back in 2015, DraftKings signed a deal to partner with the UFC. Since this deal, DraftKings has been hands down the best platform for MMA. MMA at DraftKings is fairly straight forward and a lot of fun.


  • In contests, each player is given a $50,000 salary cap to work with.
  • You choose a lineup of five fighters.
  • Results are decided by the total points scored across a players lineup


The scoring is also pretty simple:

  • Significant Strikes: +.5 pts
  • Advance: + 1 pt
  • Takedown: + 2 pts
  • Reversal/Sweep: +2 pts
  • Knockdown: +3 pts


  • First Round Win: +100 pts
  • Second Round Win: +70 pts
  • Third Round Win: +50 pts
  • Fourth Round Win: +40 pts
  • Fifth Round Win: +40 pts
  • Decision Win: +25 pts


Contests close 5 minutes before a match begins. You can adjust your lineup as many times as needed up until the contest closes. The likelihood of an injury leading up to a fight or similar cancellation is significantly less likely than other sports, lowering the risk of a user error in setting your lineup. All of the scoring is live scoring, but the points don’t actually become official until after the match starts. Because the scoring heavily favors a first round win, you want to select fighters that close out fights early, utilizing high scoring moves. MMA is one of the fastest growing sports nationwide, and it’s becoming a more and more popular sport on the DraftKings platform as well.


If you’re considering playing MMA at DraftKings, use our DraftKings free entry promo code and enter your first contest at no cost. For more MMA tips and advice for setting your roster, check out the DraftKings MMA playbook.



Photo Credit: MAZA FIGHT via Compfight cc

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