About Player Rewards

What are Bonus Kings' Player Rewards?

BonusKings.com is your ticket to an online gaming experience, fit for royalty!

When you sign up and play at a participating casino, sports betting or bingo site through us, you’ll get rewarded! Choose whether to claim your rewards as cash, Amazon vouchers, or prize items - it’s up to you.

What are Reward Points?

When you deposit and play on participating bingo and slots sites through Bonus Kings, you’ll earn Reward Points. Collect Reward Points and cash them in for rewards- it’s that simple!

Want to know how many Reward Points you currently have? Make sure you’re logged in to Bonus Kings, and you’ll see your Reward Points total at the top of your page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim Reward Points?

There are a few ways you can claim Reward Points and build up your total. You’ll get Reward Points for things like signing up to Bonus Kings and verifying your account, and once you’re in, the simplest way to earn more Reward Points is to get playing:

  1. Join a participating casino or bingo site through Bonus Kings
  2. Make your first deposit on the site
  3. Wager it through 1x (for a $10 deposit, bet $10 on the site)
  4. Enjoy your Reward Points!

It’s important to note that you must sign up to the casino or bingo site through Bonus Kings- just click on any link or button from Bonus Kings to access the site. If you go to a bingo site through Google, for example, we won’t know you’ve signed up there and you won’t be eligible for Reward Points with that bingo site.

What are membership levels?

As you reach milestones during your time at Bonus Kings, you’ll move up membership levels! Once you’ve reached a level, you can maintain it by meeting certain criteria, depending on the level.

The higher your membership level, the more of Bonus Kings' cool features you’ll be able to unlock. That means better rewards, exclusive gifts, invitations to VIP events, and more!

Everyone starts at Blue level, and to get to Bronze level, all you have to do is verify your email address and fill in your contact details (in case you win a prize!). You’ll then be able to work on climbing to Silver, Gold, and beyond.

How many Reward Points do I get for joining a site?

Different sites will have different Reward Points attached when you sign up to them through Bonus Kings. You can see how many Reward Points are given for each site in the red and blue bubbles under the site name. Don’t forget you must sign up by going through Bonus Kings, and you must wager your first deposit through 1x, to trigger your Reward Points credit.

Sites with a red bubble that says “First deposit 30,000 pts” or similar offer Reward Points when you sign up and make your first deposit with them.

Some sites will also have a blue bubble that says something like “Redeposit 2,000 pts”. This is how many points you will get for each day you redeposit on the site. You can get this once per day, every day you redeposit.

You can find all the sites which offer Reward Points for your first deposit, sites which offer redeposit Reward Points, and sites with enhanced Reward Points offers under “Reward Points” on the header menu.


What can I spend my Reward Points on?

There are tonnes of exciting prizes in the Rewards Store, and it’s up to you to choose which ones you want to cash in your points for. Choose from homeware, luxury treats, tech, vouchers, and more- the choice is yours!

Different prizes will unlock at different membership levels. Bronze level members can cash in their points for entries to the monthly sweepstake, Silver and Gold level and above can pick from anything in the store, including Amazon vouchers and PayPal cash.

Find out more about membership levels and rewards here.

How do I know which sites I can get rewards for joining?

You can find a list of all the sites we offer Reward Points for on our listings page. If you want to get even more Reward Points from your new casino or bingo site, these sites offer daily Reward Points when you redeposit.

If you see a site around Bonus Kings and want to know if it offers Reward Points, check for the red and blue Reward Points bubbles under the site’s name, or look in the “Info at a Glance” table in the site’s review page.

There is also a list of all sites offering Enhanced Reward Point Offers- you can get even more Reward Points on these sites currently, though these boosted offers are for a limited time only!

Can I get Reward Points for continuing to play on a site?

Yes you can! As well as Reward Points for making your first deposit, some casino and bingo sites will offer Reward Points for redeposits. You will get these points once per day that you redeposit on the site.

You can find the sites which offer redeposit Reward Points here.

How do I spend my Reward Points?

To spend your Reward Points, go to the Rewards Store. Here, you’ll find all of the rewards available grouped into handy sections.

Some of the prizes in the rewards store have conditions attached (like bingo bonus at certain sites, for example), and some are only available to certain membership levels. Be sure to have a good read of the prize you want before claiming to ensure your reward won’t be delayed or declined!

The prizes you can claim will depend on your membership level. New members can redeem the New Member $10 PayPal Cashback. Silver, Gold or Platinum level players can choose from anything in the rewards store.


Can I get Reward Points on a site where I am already a member?

If you signed up to a site through Bonus Kings, you can check if it offers daily redeposit Reward Points. If you didn’t sign up to the site through Bonus Kings, you will not be able to earn any Reward Points for play on that site.

What should I do if I haven’t received the Reward Points I was expecting?

If you haven’t received the Reward Points you were expecting, first double check that you have met the criteria:

  • Is the site part of Bonus Kings' rewards programme?
  • Did you go through a Bonus Kings link or button to get to the site?
  • Once you signed up, have you made your first deposit?
  • And have you wagered that deposit through 1x?
  • Have you waited the suggested 72 hours for your Reward Points to appear in your account?

If you have done all of the above, your Reward Points should be in your account. If they aren’t, please email us at support@bonuskings.com and we’ll look into it for you.

I’ve met the criteria- why hasn’t my membership level changed?

If you’ve met the criteria for the next membership level- congratulations! Membership levels are updated on the first working day of each month, so soon you’ll be able to enjoy all the exciting benefits that come with your new membership level.

What if I have more questions about the Bonus Kings Player Rewards programme?

If you still have questions about the Bonus Kings Player Rewards programme, Reward Points, or the Rewards Store, please drop us a line on support@bonuskings.com and we’ll answer any questions you may have. You should also have a read of the full Terms and Conditions of the Bonus Kings Player Rewards Programme.

In the meantime, enjoy your Reward Points and good luck on the sites!


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