Sites Offering Points for Loyalty

Browse through our list of casino, sports betting and bingo sites that offer regular players loyalty points when redepositing.

When there are so many sites to choose from, it's worth knowing which sites in the Bonus Kings Rewards Program will reward players for staying loyal and re-depositing at their favourite sites.

The sites listed on our loyalty page have been thoroughly researched and vetted for you to enjoy earning additional Reward Points for loyalty.

What are loyalty points?

Loyalty points are awarded when a player redeposits on sites that are in the Bonus Kings Rewards program, and are registered to offer additional Reward Points for redepositing.

Are loyalty points the same as Reward Points?

The short answer is yes. Loyalty points are additional Reward Points awarded to players who redeposit at the same site they registered at, through the Bonus Kings Rewards Program.

Are loyalty points worth less than Reward Points?

No, they are the same. Think of them as additional Reward Points.